About Us

About the BYHANDS Atelier

How did it all begin?
I am against uniformity. I am against large series. I love quality, originality, variety of colours. On these attributes I am willing to spend….
The idea to create a trade mark of my own has been ripening for years. At last it´s here! BYHANDS. The design hand-knit and crocheted fashion. The sucklings, children, teenagers and mature „girls“ will choose!

„Lift up your personality through the BYHANDS hat!“

All materials have a State Health Institute (SZÚ) certificate.
I thank Frederika and Andrea whose photos were taken in the collections.

Andrea Flegrova
Designer of the atelier


U Ručiček 303
252 81 Petrov
+420 604 707 351
All photos are created by studio